My attempts at astro imaging

My Observatory and General Setup

My first scope was an old Orion Optics 8″ Newtonian Reflector (I still have this in the garage, still waiting to make a dobsonian mount for it).  I then bought a ZS66 (William Optics) and piggybacked this on the Newt for some long exposure photography at first with a Meade DSI but this was soon relegated to guiding duty as I got hold of a Canon 350d DSLR (This was later modified by removing the IR FIlter and replacing with a less aggressive one). After a couple of years I build a pier in the back garden and the scope setup was more or less permanently left outside, except for when extreme weather was forecast!  Also the Newtonian was replaced with an ED80 and also an 8″ SCT, so I had 3 different scopes I could image with, things were great, astronomy imaging was fun!

Now…. this setup was great – I could leave it all ready to go for weeks at a time and all I had to do was connect the laptop up BUT……. I still had to actually sit outside, in the cold, in Scottish winters… things had to change……

Here is my nearly finished observatory with nice roll off roof and more importantly – A WARM ROOM!!!

Here are some more images of the new ‘Ma’hut Observatory’ – I have a 2x2m scope room and a 1.5x2m warm room

It’s now finished and looking great, still not had a full night of imaging with it though but at least it is ready for some clear skies!

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