My attempts at astro imaging

Finally imaging again!

Well it’s 7pm on the 5th of December and I am finally managing to get some imaging done!  At the moment the 8″ SCT is on M33 and I have managed to get 3X 15min subs with my QHY8 so far…….

Last night I did PEC training with PECPREP ( and saved the PEC Curve into EQMod ( It appears to have made quite a difference – my errors are now way less than before, here is a guide graph from MaximDL of last nights guiding after applying the PEC Curve:

Since I did a drift align with WCS ( my Y error is next to nothing – I really cannot recommend this software highly enough and it is very reasonably priced!  But now with PEC my X error is tiny as well, allowing me to do 15min subs at 1.2m focal length.


Incidentally, the weather in Edinburgh has been terrible, I had a nightmare of a time opening the observatory roof due to the weight of the snow……

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  1. Excellent picture – like being there 🙂

    January 24, 2014 at 8:12 pm

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