My attempts at astro imaging

Tonights data – M33 and M45 (A Galaxy & an Open Cluster)

Well I got a little over 3 hrs on M33 – boy is this faint, and hard to process!  I will have another couple of attempts at the processing on this as the data is pretty good, I’m not sure why the core of the galaxy looks bluer than the rest – this could be a fact or a processing artefact!.

Anyway this is the Triangulum Galaxy and is a face on spiral in the ‘local group’ of galaxies that surround our own Milky Way. M33 is approximately 3million light years from us – allegedly this can be seen with the naked eye from dark sites but try as I might I have never seen even a hint of it!


M33 is in the Triangulum Constellation – it’s not the greatest constellation – 3 stars that look like a triangle!  Never mind eh?  Anyway, it’s near Pegasus and Andromeda and if you cannot find M33, have a look for M31 – it’s a lot easier and IS a naked eye object from dark sites!



Next up we have M45 – the Pleiades or Seven Sisters or Subaru…….

Dont know what went on with this, needs to be re-shot as it looks like 15minute exposures may be causing reflections??  Anyway, here they are, loads of nebulosity around this open cluster of stars – the nebulosity is not thought to be part of the cluster, rather the cluster is passing through an area of dust and is illuminating it.  Check back soon for a better image!


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