My attempts at astro imaging

Weird Reflection

When taking images a few days ago of M45 with my QHY8 through an 8″ SCT I noticed these weird reflections



Well, I did more testing and asked a question over on Stargazerslounge ( . It seemed it was a reflection from another piece of glass in the imaging train. After taking another image (see Below) I know think this is either the Focal Reducer or the Light Pollution filter.  I am waiting on a T Thread LPR Filter so that I can simply remove the QHY8 Infra Red filter and replace with the T Thread one. This will mean that I can remove the SCT > 2″  Adapter and existing LPR Filter as well as a 2″ > SCT adapter before the reducer. At the moment I have a 2″ LPR and because of this I need these SCT>2″ FILTER then 2″ Back to SCT adapter. Hopefully by removing the filter from the front of the train and moving it back it will resolve the problem.  The image below shows Jupiter (and some moons) in focus and you can just about make out the reflection of the Bahtinoff Focussing mask ( that sits over the front of the corrector plate to aid focussing – I think the fact that the mask can be seen out of focus indicates that something nearer to the scope is causing the reflections. You may need to copy the image and look at it in another image application to see the reflection but on my laptop if I look carefully I can see it.


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