My attempts at astro imaging

Altair Astro F4 Newt collimation problems

Been having problems keeping my GSO F4 in collimation due to the mirror moving about a bit (It’s the Altiar Optics F4 version).  I had previously tightened the mirror clips and although this helped collimation it was still far from perfect when flipping from Horizontal to vertical and this was visible in images. I have now taken the bulls by the horn and decided to silicon (the clear type) the mirror to the support cell.

After 48hrs the silicon has set and I have to say that so far (No star test yet!) the collimation appears to be a lot better.  When using the laser collimator there is now hardly and movement from horizontal to vertical, whereas before the laser spot would slowly wander over the face of the colimator.

Here’s some pictures of the setup:




Looks like the silicon has done the trick, the collimation seems to be holding really well, below is a single shot at 100% crop – looks pretty good to me!



One response

  1. Yes, that looks a lot better! I look forward to your next post-collimation image. Val

    August 16, 2011 at 5:07 am

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