My attempts at astro imaging


First image from my newly modded F4 Newt! Much happier with the star shapes altough they are still not perfect – but what is???  Anyway, I went for something a little more unusual and choose NGC6781 – a planetary nebula in Aquila.  To be honest I am struggling to find much information on this, it seems a little neglected, possibly due to targets like the Ring and Dumbell Nebula’s which are up at this time of year – give it a go!  NGC6781 is a supernove remnant from a star similer to our own sun, I cant find any distance information for it….. If you look closely you may just be able to make out the central white dwarf that is the source of the nebula.

Last night I also tried a little experiment after I correctly calibrated the Gain & Offset on the QHY8 – I removed the light pollution filter, my thinking was that as a CCD has much more ‘space’ before the pixels saturate that maybe I could work around the light pollution, removing one piece of glass in the filter train as well as save having to mess with colour balance – I think the results speak for themselves!  I dont think I will be rushing back to using my LPR filter anytime soon!

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