My attempts at astro imaging

M33 – The galaxy in Triangulum

M33 is a very faint but large galaxy, relativly nearby? at only 3 million light years……  It’s a tough one for imagers as it has very low contrast but I think my F4 Newt/QHY8 combo did a pretty decent job!  Some people claim to be able to see this with the naked eye – I have been to Kielder, which is the darkest spot in the UK and still cannot see it, maybe from some high altitude desert with thin, arid air, the sky is transparent enough, but in the UK I think naked eye viewing is impossible.  One of the interesting points to note is the red regions, these are starburst regions, where new stars are cuurently being born is massive clouds of glowing hydrogen gas.

M33 is in the constellation of Triangulum, and is pretty well placed for autumn imaging in the UK, it is however overshadowed by it’s other neighbour The Great Andromeda gaalxy, which is a naked eye object under decent skies.

This is 2hrs 50mins of 10 minute exposures combined in deep Sky Stacker and finished off in Photoshop.


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