My attempts at astro imaging


I took this hastily last night around 11:30pm, it was blowing a gale and to be honest I only really wanted to see if my webcam would work correctly in my SCT – The weather was that bad (or so I thought) that it was purely a ‘technical test’ and I was not expecting anything usefull image wise……

Well….. This is the result, 200mm SCT at it’s native 2 metre focal length (A standard 3x digital zoom on a consumer camera is about 55mm focal length) with a £10 Philips SPC9000 webcam.  I did try useing a 2x and 3x Barlow and although I have not fully processed them they dont look like being any use, most liekly due to the wind affecting the seeing at the long focal length – I will keep trying as the SCT/Webcam looks a cracking planetary setup!

The 2 tiny blobs at the side are both moons of Jupiter, not sure which ones though!



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