My attempts at astro imaging

Kielder Autumn 2011 Star Party – PacMan nebula

Well… it was a bit of a washout this year, I’m thinking of going in spring and giving the autumn star party a miss next year.  Anyway… we arrived on Thursday and setup, went for a beer, came back and it was cloudy so we watched a few episodes of Hitch Hikers guide then fell asleep! For some reason I awaoke around an hour later and it was clear So out me and Gaz went and after a slow start with things freezing I finally got 3 x 10 min subs of the PacMan nebula before it clouded over again So, I thought I would process it anyway (what else do you do while waiting for the pub to open!) and here is the result, nothing award winning but for only 30mins of exposure, I’m happy with it – an image is better than no image!


One response

  1. Cracking image Craig. The detail in the Neb. is great, the star colours are amazing…. nice wide field IMO.

    October 30, 2011 at 7:53 pm

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