My attempts at astro imaging

Reprocess of previous Orion Image as well as closups of the devil anf monkey faces……

I have been reprocessing my Orion image from the other night and I dont know if this is better – hope so?…… Also, dont know if I have been staring at it for too long but these 2 things jumped out at me – the face of a devil and the face of a monkey – does anybody else think thats what the other 2 images look like?



One response

  1. OOOO, those diffraction spikes are nice mate, stars are sharp as……….. I cant find the faces in the ‘big’ image but they definitely look like your description in the close ups.
    The detail is amazing, colours are, IMO, spot on…. Possibly your best image to date?? I take it you are happy again with the F4 Newt?

    December 30, 2011 at 11:36 pm

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