My attempts at astro imaging

M1 – The ‘Crab’ Nebula

I imaged this over Saturday and Sunday night, it’s 4.5hrs in 15min subs from my F4 Newt/QHY8.  As some of you may know from other threads I have been having some collimation issues but I think the stars in here are pretty good, maybe a little elongated, especially on a couple of the brighter ones but I’m happy so thats what counts

As with my M42 image, this is all done (well mostly!, all image processing) in Pixinsight, with the inset bit added in Photoshop.

Have to say, I dont understand what PI does but it sure does it well! Although, maybe since I cant tinker as much in PI, thats why my images are looking a little more natural

M1:  The Crab nebula, a supernova remnant from a star that exploded in 1054 (It was witnessed by Chinese astronomers). In the centre of the nebula lies a Pulsar, the remains of the star(about 30km in diameter), that rotates 30 times a second! It lies around 6300 light years from us and is expanding at 1,500Km/s – Who knows I may re-image this is 10 or 20 years and be able to show the expansion!

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