My attempts at astro imaging

M101 – Face on spiral galaxy

M101 is a lovely face on spiral galaxy in Ursa-Major (The great bear or plough).  It’s quite tricky to image due to there being very few stars of sufficient brightness to guide on but since I was using a 70mm guide scope the fov was large enought to show a few stars.

Anyway, M101…… Face on Spiral…… It’s about 20 million light years distant, first discovered in 1781, to the side of the galaxy, another one is present – NGC5477. One other interesting thing to note about this galaxy, last year a star exploded in the galaxy as a supernove (well actually, due to the distance, it exploded 20million years ago, but it’s light is only just reaching us now!) but these only last a few weeks and I’m unable to locate it on this image unfortunatly.

The image was taken mid January 2012, it’s around hrs total exposure time in 5 and 10 minute sub frames, taken with a QHY8 and ALtair Optics F4 Newtonian.  Processing was done in Pixinsight (which I now really like – HDR wavelets rock!).





One response

  1. Andy

    Your image does show the supernova nicely. Shoot me an email and I’ll point it out for you. This is a beautiful image btw.

    May 7, 2012 at 1:38 am

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