My attempts at astro imaging

Supernova in M95 – SN2012aw

A couple of weeks ago a new supernova was discovered in a nearby? (38 million light years distant!) galaxy – M95.  As these are only about for a couple of weeks I was determind to capture an image of it!  Supernova are stars that have reached the end of life and explode – these are massive events, the exploded star literally outshines the entire galaxy they are in! What will be left is a small planertry nebula like the images I have on here of M57, M1 etc

For some reason my CCD is playing up and I had to bin loads of these 10min subs due to noise. I suspect it may be due to a dodgy power supply that I switched back to using and have since went over to a leisure battery and dark frames are now noise free so fingers crossed for the next night out, although up here in Scotland the nights are now getting very short! This is composed of 15x10min subs, and a LOT of noise reduction, I had wanted to process this in Pixinsight but I could not get the screen stretch to give anything other than noise and I am not yet experienced enough with it, so I dropped back to Photoshop for this process…



One response

  1. gary1968

    Another nice shot mate. I have some data on that I have yet to process to any great result, time for another go me thinks…..

    April 4, 2012 at 12:04 pm

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