My attempts at astro imaging

PacMan Nebula – 2nd image from Kielder

This is actually the first image I took, but the 2nd to process…. In all honesty, I did not realise that NGC 281 was the PacMan nebula – I was so delighted to have a clear night at Kielder and that everything was working that I picked a patch of sky with some Ha nebulosity and went for it! It was Saturday in the pub that we realised i had taken the PacMan Nebula! Nowt wrong with that though (other than I took it a year or so ago and I wanted to go for different targets) as this turned out OK!

Anyway, NGC281 is a Ha region in the constellation of Cassiopeia, as mentioned above it is also known as the Pacman Nebula – this would be more obvious if I rotated it a little but I like it like this!  The setup was the usual – F4 8″ Newt, QHY8 and a Lodestar/OAG for guiding. All processing was done in Pixinsight.  It is around 10,000 light years from us, the central hot stars are emitting UV radiation which causes the hydrogen gas in the surrounding area to glow, this is  a very faint area of nebulosity and I doubt all but the largest of amateur scopes would not be able to allow us to see if without the use of a CCD Camera.

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  1. Hey sweetie from a girlreader keep up the awe inspiring website

    November 18, 2012 at 6:45 pm

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