My attempts at astro imaging

The Andromeda Galaxy

I was having a nightmare trying to get a flat field with my William Optics ZS70 and the Field Flattener II, no matter what spacing I used (It should be 55-56mm) I could not get anything approaching flatness, I had nice comet shaped stars in the corners as shown below:


So…. I borrowed one of them Televue Field Flatteners and tried again, this one works a heck of a lot better, it seems that the WO FF II is not suited to this scope although it works perfectly with the venerable William Optics ZS66.

Anyway, on to the subject of this post – The Andromeda Galaxy or Messier Objectt 31 or simply M31, this is one of our nearest neighbour galaxies, being only 2.25 million light years away!  One a clear night from a dark location you can easily see this with the naked eye (It’s the furthest object we can see with the naked eye) and through even a pair of bino’s it looks quite amazing.

The image below was taken at the begining of October and is around 3 hrs of 10 minute exposures, with the WO ZS70 and TeleVie flattener along with my QHY8 and Lodestar on an Off Axis Guider.


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