My attempts at astro imaging

The Jellyfish nebula


Well, this aint good!  It is only 7 subs of 15mins each and judging by how faint the signal is I think I need at least 3 times the amount of data….. Still, an image is an image!  Due to the lack of signal and subs I have not pushed things too far, did a bot of star reduction and noise reduction but thats about it.  The scope was a William Optics 70mm with a TeleVue flattener on it – this works a lot better than the William Optics FF Mk2 that I own (The TV is borrowed from a fellow amateur).  If you look back through this blog you will find another image of this target taken a couple of years ago with a Skywatcher Ed80, this gives a closer in view of the nebula but alas it is also lacking in data – Need to make a note to go back and do this ‘properly’ next time!!!

So, the Jellyfish nebula – as can be seen this is a huge mass of glowing hydrogen gas, it’s a supernove remnant in Gemini roughly 5,000 light years from us.  Estimates vary between 3,00 and 30,000 years for the date of the supernova.






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