My attempts at astro imaging

A bit of heart…..

This is the Heart nebual, or should I say a bit of the heart?  I wanted to do a mosiac if the Heart and Soul nebulas (The Soul  neb data is still waiting to be procesed) but I could not get them both framed correctly.  Anway, this is pretty good even though I chopped a bit off…..  It’s around 3hrs (The usual exposure time I aim for now) with an Ha filter on the front of the QHY8 – imaging scope was the trusty Altair Astro 8″ F4 Imaging Newt. All processing was done in Pixinsight, applied some deconvolution, noise reduction and some HDR Wavelets.


The Heart Nebula is another large expanse of Hydrogen gas being excited by the light from the central cluster of stars (Melotte 15), it is around 7,500 Light Years away in the constellation of Cassiopeia.




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