My attempts at astro imaging

First post in 2012 – IC410

This was actually taken before the end of the year but I never got round to processing it – it is very faint and could do with more time on target but you make do with what you have eh?  Its around 3hrs in 15min subs, with my Altair 8″ F4 Newt and QHY8, guiding was with an OAG and Lodestar. All stacking and processing done in Pixinsight.

So, what is IC410????  It’s an area of glowing hydrogen gas, the reaosn it’s glowing – there is a cluster (NGC1893) that is exciting the gas with the energy from it’s hot young stars.  IC410 is in the constellation of Auriga (The charioteer) and is nice and high in the sky at this time of year making it a perfect winter target. The most interesting thing in the image is the ‘Tadpoles’, these objects are around 10 light years long and are created by the stellar winds and radiation from the cluster – the tails point directly away from the clusters central star.


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