My attempts at astro imaging

Asteroid DA14

Asteroid DA14 passed by us this evening, at its closest point it was inside the orbit of our geostationary satellites!  There was no danger of it hitting Earth, it is still 17,200 miles above us but in astro terms that a close shave!  It’s size is about 40 metres which if it did hit, especially given its great speed would cause a heck of a bang!

So, I went out this evening with my son in an attempt to spot this with either Bino’s or my WO70mm scope.  It was supposed to be near Megrez at 9:30 pm and despite the clouds parting at that time we could not see it at all.  We nipped into the Obsy and did 1 second exposures with a Lodestar connected to my finder scope and we thought we possibly saw it but I really would not like to commit to that as it may have been noise….

Anyway, a little while later I moved the main scope (Altair 8″ F4 Newt) to RA 12:29 Dec 55:29 and took a 2min exposure and this is what I saw (I also took 2 10sec images that I may animate….)


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