My attempts at astro imaging

M101 – Face on spiral galaxy

I have been wanting to do another M101 for a couple of years now – the original one was done with a DSLR a long time ago and I wanted to see if I could improve on it.  So this is 2 nights worth of images, 4hrs in total, mostly in 5min subs but with a few 10 min ones added at the end.  The usual scope – Altair 8″ F4 and camera, QHY8. I guided with a finder guider as there are not many stars in this area for the OAG to work on. I also applied PEC to this image, after using the new auto PEC feature in EQMod.

I was hoping for a little more in the way of detail but I suppose it’s not bad for only an 8″ scope in the UK skies that we have!

M101 is a nice face on spiral galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Major and is 21 million light years from us, discovered in 1781 but the famous Charles Messier.


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