My attempts at astro imaging

Makarians Chain from CSOG2013 event

A few of us from the ScottishAstronomers group hired a house in the Scottish Borders for the weekend, unusually for us we had a clear night!  I have been wanting to get a bit of a closer view of Makarians Chain for a couple of years, the last attempt was with a William Optics ZS66 and the galaxies (although numerous) were just too small for my liking. This time I got the F4 Newt on the job and with it’s focal length of 800mm got a bit ‘further in’ so to speak!

Makarians Chain of galaxies, is a ‘chain’ of galaxies that forms part of the Virgo Cluster, at least 7 of the galaxies are moving coherently but there are a lot more than tha in this image! M84 and M86 are the 2 large galaxies in the centre.

I also caught 2 Minor Planets that can be seen to move across the frame but in the image below they are removed due to the stacking method involved – I will get a little animation of them up here shortly – once I have caught up with my sleep!MakariansChain-GlebeHouse


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