My attempts at astro imaging

Observatory Images….

I got the Observatory re-plasterboarded as the job I did originally left a little to be desired…….  I thought I would post up a couple of piccies of it and the kit as I think the only Obsy pictures were when it was getting built!

I also managed to get hold of an EQ6 Pro for a cracking price so that is now permanently mounted and the HEQ5 Pro I used to have is now a grab ‘n go mount – I can finally leave everything setup and go to some of the local meets that have from time to time 🙂



2013-05-06 20.06.562013-05-06 20.07.172013-05-06 20.07.312013-05-06 20.07.392013-05-06 20.07.54



One response

  1. Oz1275

    Awesome. So jealous!

    May 9, 2013 at 2:56 pm

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