My attempts at astro imaging

Jack’s (my son) first observing report….

We started our journey at 8pm but we got lost:-(  so it was 9:30 when we arrived. I helped dad setup the telescope, we met Steve and mark as well.  Steve let me borrow a pair of binoculars and let me look throught his telescope

M27 dumbbell nebula – looked like an apple core, greenish and possibly hints of blue?
Uranus -greeny blue and star like in the SCT but it was resolved into a tiny disc in Steve’s 12inch dob
m57, ring nebula – like a 3d ring with a hole in the middle, no colour
M33 triangulum galaxy, very faint fuzzy no detail.
M31 Andromeda galaxy, looks like it has a central star, oval enlongated, could see no detail
double cluster – lots of stars:-)
Owl cluster – thought it looked more like a bat than an owl, 2 bright stars make the eyes and the arms look like sticks stuck in a snowman
Witches broom – very faint but could see the line of the broom
M81, again very faint, one of the faintest targets, no detail at all
Various globular clusters, loads of stars in a small ball, very faint all of them.
M45 – seven sisters,looked like a bush full of stars:-)
We also saw at least 5 shooting stars, 2 on the way home, we also stopped for a second and saw Jupiter but it was too low when we were to observing to see it. The milky way was like a rainbow all the way over the sky, I also saw a satellite passing through when looking the telescope.
I would like say thanks to Steve for letting me use the binoculars and look through his telescope

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