My attempts at astro imaging

A caravan trip to a dark sky…

Last week we (the family, me and Mrs Blinky and the 3 kids) took the caravan up to Bunree caravan site, up in Onich in the Highlands of Scotland.  As well as being one of the most beautiful campsites I have been too it is also blessed with the darkest skies!  The weather was fantastic, we had a shower of rain one night whilst in bed, the rest of the time it was bright and sunny and the nights mostly clear…

So, on to the astronomy! The first night I got 4 x 8min subs of the milky way region – I had to stop there as I also forgot to take the weights for the mount with me, you will see in the animation below that I had a childrens backpack with some cans of beer 🙂 in it to try and act as a counterweight but it did not work and I heard the mount struggling so stopped after 4 subs.  Anyway, I got 4 subs and stacked them and am pretty happy with the result – this was taken with the stock 18-55mm lens on a Canon 1000d piggybacked on my 8″ SCT, first time I have done this and I like the results, although the lens is not great at the edges but for a nice simple setup it gave decent results…


BTW – click the images below to open an animated GIF or click the YouTube links for a video


Finally after 3 days it dawned on me that the mount would track if it did not have the scope attached, so I removed that and managed to attach the camera to the HEQ5 Pro by just the tripod plate – the moon was well up on these nights and very bright, so I got up at 3am to start these exposures, it was my original intention to continue with Milky Way shots now that I could track but it was by now quite low on the horizon so I instead went to take some images of Orion, hoping to catch the elusive Barnards Loop but this never showed up – I think a combination of not enough aperture and a slow/crappy lens were the culprit but it was a bit of a gamble and as you can see Orion is still very low, it may have worked it it had been higher up, I dont know.




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