My attempts at astro imaging

First draft of M31

Been dying to get a decent M31 for years, I was messing about with the spacing of my reducer on the ZS70 last night, I think I got it nearly correct but still not perfect. My thoughts are that I will save up for something like the Telescope Services quad 65mm scope, as this has an integrated reducer already spaced!

I managed to get 8 X 10 minute subs before clouds came over, I really was wanting 20 so this is a little noisy and I think I will do a better reprocess later today, so check back for updates!

Anyway, M31 – this is the Andromeda Galaxy, it’s our nearest galaxy, our next door neighbor if you like, although it’s a long walk to borrow some sugar, around 2.25 million light years! Andromeda is much larger than our own Milky Way galaxy, It contains around 1 trillion stars!! and  you can actually see it with the naked eye from a dark site.



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  1. forexhound

    Very nice Blinky.

    September 27, 2014 at 12:49 pm

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