My attempts at astro imaging

New observatory – work started

The idea was to wait till next year and buy a Skyshed Pod new but….. I found one going second hand on the Yahoo UK mailing list so got hold of it a bit earlier than planned!

The pod was quite a bit away so myself and a mate hired a Luton van with tail lift and away we went!  Left Edinburgh around 10am, got home about half 6 and unloaded to the back garden.

2014-09-28 18.57.182014-09-28 18.55.422014-09-28 18.54.06

This weekend I had planned to get decking, a pier and the observatory assembled, however due to the usual Scottish weather it rained from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, so the whole garden was like a swamp and as a result we decided to leave the decking until Sunday. So I am now a  little behind, but am determined not to rush things as I usually do…. The decking is complete, my brother in law who is a joiner (and laid the decking) is making a box out of wood that will slide through a hole cut in the decking and should be pointing north, time will tell!

2014-10-04 19.00.502014-10-04 19.00.412014-10-04 19.01.172014-10-05 15.04.06


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