My attempts at astro imaging

New observatory – finished

Sorry folks, I have been a bit lazy of late and not updated this blog to show the finished observatory!

It’s all done, well except for a couple of bits of edging that can wait till next spring……  Getting the Skyshed Pod  assembled was not too hard with the help of my mate. I would say it took maybe an hour and a half tops – very easy to put together, even mounting the dome was quite straightforward, although a lot of the hard tricky time consuming work had been done by the previous owner – all we basically had to do was bolt it together and sit the dome on top!

So, am I happy with it?   Yes, overall I am, its easy to use, feels very solid (even though its made from plastic!) and has a surprisingly good amount of space inside.  I have one pod bay with the laptop in it, I sit on a small camp stool in the main observatory to access it. The observatory takes my 8″ F4 Newt, although I don’t think it would take anything longer, due to me offsetting the pier in order to gain better access to the meridian. Speaking of the meridian, even after offsetting I still cant get to it!  Not a huge problem, a small sacrifice to make to get the convenience and security of the observatory and I could purchase I pod zenith table that would allow me to slide the done back but I’m not sure I need it….


IMAG0097 IMAG0099 IMAG0102

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