My attempts at astro imaging

Comet C2014 Lovejoy

We have a visitor in the skies!!  Comet C2014 Lovejoy is here, this comet was first spotted in 2014 by an Australian comet hunter, Terry Lovejoy(Lots of clues to that in the name eh?) on the 17th ofAugust.

This video is aseries of 15 second exposures, taken with a 7mm refractor and a QHY8 CCD, total time is 3hrs. The comet will be closest to the sun on the 30th of January, although this is relative as it will still be 120, 000,000 miles form it!  Dont wait for it to come back around though, its orbital period is 11,o00 years…..

Link to YouTube video of C2014/Lovejoy


Here is an image of the same comet, this is 5 x 5 minute subs, the tai is visible, just….




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