My attempts at astro imaging

M101 the Pinwheel Galaxy

As last night was lovely and clear I could not resist going out to the Obsy.  It’s just coming into galaxy season now so M101 was the main target of the evening.  I should have used the newt but I gave somebody a loan of my collimator so had to stick with the ZS70.  I think I imaged this years ago when I had a canon 350d, so time to revisit an old friend!

M101 is a face-on spiral galaxy in Ursa-Major (the plough to you and me), its about 21 million light years away, so a lot further out than Andromeda, our next door neighbor at only 2.25 million light years but is around 70% larger.



I also did an annotated version – PGC stands for Primary Galaxy Catalog, you can see I picked up a lot of these faint and distant galaxies, would love to know what the most distant one is!


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