My attempts at astro imaging

M51 – The Whirlpool Galaxy

Due to the roof of the observatory at my last place, I could not image this, so the previous attempt was years ago when I had a pier in the back garden.

So, M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, dont think there is any need to explain the name, fairly obvious from the image!  It’s actually 2 galaxies interacting with each other (again, fairly obvious from the image). M51 lies in Canes Venatici not far from the Big Dipper arteism, and is 23 million light years away.

This was taken with the F4 Newt at 800mm focal length, I’m finished for the season with my little 70m frac and am going to try and get some galaxies in before the light nights arrive in the next 6 weeks or so, then the astro season will be over until September or so(although I have an image of M67 an open cluster I still need to post!).


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