My attempts at astro imaging

I have been busy….

It’s nearly the end of the season as the nights up here in Scotland are now light until after 10pm but the weather has just been so good that I had to go get a last few images before darkness dissapears properly…

This time of year is galaxy season, in Summer and Winter we are looking in towards the galactic centre at night and see the summer objects(there is one posted below, as the night goes on the summer objects are starting to appear) but at this time of year we look out into deep space, it’s galaxy hunting season!

So first up is the Lost Galaxy,its the one in the upper left apparently when seen through a smaller telescope the galaxy has a ghostly like appearance…..


Next, M100, a nice face on spiral, a new target for me and very pretty!


Next is a pair of galaxies, the ‘whale’ and ‘Hockey Stick’ galaxies


Finally, one night after imaging the galaxies, this was early morning, I swung the scope round to Lyra and imaged M57, the Ring Nebula, this is a summer target and I have never imaged it this early in the year, usually its when darkness returns around August/September when darkness returns and it is nice and high in the Southern sky, this was imaged when it was NW.


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