My attempts at astro imaging

Quick M27 (Dumbell Nebula)

I have been wanting to get my SCT back on the mount for a couple of seasons but never seem to get round to it for some reason or another…. Well last week I finally made the change and am going to be imaging at 2000mm focal length rather than the relatively easier 800mm that my F4 8″ Newt gives me.  The scope is an 8″ Meade SCT, that I used to image with before with a F6.3 reducer but then I got hold of the Newt…..

Anyway, this was really meant to be a setting up night, it takes a while (Especially with the small field of view at 2m) to get the GoTo an Plate Solving working – It took about 1.5hrs then I went to take some test shots to see how the guiding was. As can be seen from the image it seems to need a tweak, I always get elongation diagonally across the image and really need to get to the bottom of it but when zoomed out a little it is not too noticeable.  So…. I took one 5 min sub, then thought I would let it run at 10 mins but the clouds rolled in and cut the session short, hence the 25mins, 1x 5 min and 2X 10min…

M27, it’s a supernova remnant sitting nice and high inside the summer triangle, makes a nice visual target as well due to it’s size an it’s not too hard to find either.  I plan on taking more shots of this before the season is out, would ideally like 3 or 4 hrs on it but for 25mins I think it is passable!




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