My attempts at astro imaging

6Hrs @ 2metres on the Dumbell Nebula

I tightened up the worm end float on my EQ6 Pro and this seems to have sorted the guiding, quite a few of the subs in this image are 30 min subs. I also sorted the collimation, last time it was slightly off, I made a final tweak visually to a de-focused star to center the ‘Airy disk’.  This is the longest integration time, longest individual sub time and longest focal length image I have taken!

The scope is my 8″ SCT running at it’s native 2m, so the image is a crop due to horrible stars in the corners! I’m intending to get some images of the smaller targets this year, things like the Snowball & Eskimo nebulas and maybe the Crab nebula as well.  The SCT is F10 the subs need to be long, there is a further outer shell to this image that is very, very faint and just shows in this image, a faster scope would probably have pulled a little more of this out but I don’t have the money for an 2m F4 scope!

Messier 27, also known as the Dumbell or Apple Core nebula is a supernova remnant in the constellation of Vulpecula at a distance of 1,360 light years. The central star (or whats left of it) went supernova around 14,600 years ago, all thats left now is a white dwarf star(you can see this star in the center of the nebula).

It is relatively bright and easily seen in binoculars although something like an 8″ telescope is really needed to get some detail out of the nebula.

I think this one is better – the one below was a 1st attempt and I think I overdid the sharpening around the stars, had some dark halos I did not like…






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