My attempts at astro imaging


Cracking process for removing gradient!

I just found the above whilst looking for more information on Flats – I tried it out on my M45 image and it worked a treat!

I think I need to go back to the original and redo it with this in the mix but for now I am pretty happy!


Finally imaging again!

Well it’s 7pm on the 5th of December and I am finally managing to get some imaging done!  At the moment the 8″ SCT is on M33 and I have managed to get 3X 15min subs with my QHY8 so far…….

Last night I did PEC training with PECPREP ( and saved the PEC Curve into EQMod ( It appears to have made quite a difference – my errors are now way less than before, here is a guide graph from MaximDL of last nights guiding after applying the PEC Curve:

Since I did a drift align with WCS ( my Y error is next to nothing – I really cannot recommend this software highly enough and it is very reasonably priced!  But now with PEC my X error is tiny as well, allowing me to do 15min subs at 1.2m focal length.


Incidentally, the weather in Edinburgh has been terrible, I had a nightmare of a time opening the observatory roof due to the weight of the snow……

A couple of image processing links

Here are a few links to other astro related sites that deal with processing astro images Has a few nice, simple video tutorials that deal with the main astro imaging tasks of stretching, enhancing colour and start repair. This site has a free plugin for removing the green cast that is a problem mainly in images obtained through a light pollution filter. Use lab colour to sharpen and boost colour. DDP For Photoshop A whole list of image processing links! Not tried this yet but it claims to look at reference stars in fits files and will then work out the correct colour balance to apply to an image Photoshop processing hints & tips