My attempts at astro imaging


Sorry its bee so quiet – here’s a few to make up for it!

I have taken a few images since October but not posted them – work it very hectic at the moment and I also broke the motor in my focuser so am waiting on that being fixed.  Im changing the focuser and going for a belt and pulley system which will allow me to get the correct ratio with the new motor I have.

Anyway, here are the images I have taken over the past couple of months, nothing aware winning, but they are not too bad!



Lunar Eclipse – 28th September 2015

BloodMoonIt was pretty misty but I left the scope tracking and taking an image every 2 minutes for the duration of the Eclipse, this is the result…



Jupiter from last night

I went out late last night as Jupiter was just so bright I could not resist have a wee go at it  It’s been years since I did any planetary and I know remember why!  Jupiter was pretty steady, the detail looked not too bad but the processed images are not great – you can see 2 bands but thats about it.  To be fair its an old Philips webcam that must be over 10 years old but they used to have a good reputation so maybe its down to my processing skills!


Another shot, this time with a 2X Barlow to increase the image scale….



The star like object at the top right is the moon Io and the little black spot on the surface of Jupiter is the shadow of the moon Europa – actually quite pleased with this now!

New one for me – the moon!

Well….. I usually hate the moon, it washes everything out and although I have an Ha filter to combat this I usually just give it a miss when Luna is around. Today though, I got a request from a former colleague for a moon image for his website and I was rather embarrassed to have to admit I did not have one! I did take an image years ago but dont know what happened to the file.

So this I suppose is a first light image from the new observatory(which I still have to post up some images of), taken tonight, through my 8″ F4 Newt, 21 images stacked in Registrax and a wee tweak in Photoshop.


Some older planetary images

Here’s a Jupiter from last year when I owned a mono DMK, just found this on my hard drive!


This is Mars from last year as well, again it’s the mono DMK that was the imaging camera

Jupiter, moons and a shadow

This is from last night (6Th October 2011) with the same setup as the night before – 8″ SCT and webcam.  This time I managed to capture the start of a transit by Io and you can see in this labelled image, Ganymede, Io and the shadow of Io on Jupiter.


I took this hastily last night around 11:30pm, it was blowing a gale and to be honest I only really wanted to see if my webcam would work correctly in my SCT – The weather was that bad (or so I thought) that it was purely a ‘technical test’ and I was not expecting anything usefull image wise……

Well….. This is the result, 200mm SCT at it’s native 2 metre focal length (A standard 3x digital zoom on a consumer camera is about 55mm focal length) with a £10 Philips SPC9000 webcam.  I did try useing a 2x and 3x Barlow and although I have not fully processed them they dont look like being any use, most liekly due to the wind affecting the seeing at the long focal length – I will keep trying as the SCT/Webcam looks a cracking planetary setup!

The 2 tiny blobs at the side are both moons of Jupiter, not sure which ones though!