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Flaming Star Nebula

I’m not 100% happy with this, the collimation of the scope is out as I need to apply a new silicon  pad to the mirror to stop collimation changing when the position of the scope changes, also there is not enough data in this set, its only 9X 20mi subs so I had to do a bit of noise reduction….

Anyway, IC405, the Flaming Star Nebula is in Auriga, the star in question is a runaway star, ejected from somewhere else wandering through space – the light from the star illuminates the dust in blue and the Ultra Violet light excites the Hydrogen gas in this area causing it to glow red.  It’s approximately 1500 light years distant from us and spans around 5 light years.




The Flaming Star Nebula

I took this from a friends house in Galloway, it’s amazing to visit these dark sky sites and great to image from them, there is no need for any light pollution filters as there are no towns of any real size nearby.

So, the target – the Flaming Star nebula or IC405, is an emission nebula in Auriga, the blue comes from the bright star AE Aurigaeis illuminating dust in the surrounding area. The red, as always, comes from Hydrogen gas, having an electron ‘blown away’ by the energy emitted from the star.

The image, was 3 hrs of 15minute exposures, taken with a QHY8 camera and the telescope was the usual 8″ F4 Newtonian Reflector.